Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Haiti - Elections : The CEP officially postpones the elections results previously planned to be publish on March 31 to April 4, 2011

In an official statement, signed by Gaillot DORSINVIL, President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) this one informs the public that a high level of fraud and irregularities of various kinds have been discovered in the tabulation of votes.

This was followed by greater involvement of the Legal Control Unit and the adoption of more stringent verification measures.

These provisions which have proved to be necessary for the reliability of the results, unfortunately affected the pace of the Tabulation Center, which is no longer able to produce its report on the date originally scheduled.

The Provisional Electoral Council is required to postpone to Monday, April 4, 2011 the publication of preliminary results.

The Provisional Electoral Council thanks the population for its understanding and reiterates its commitment to conduct the electoral process to a successful conclusion. 

Reasons to send a minute to the Legal Control Unit
  • PV product on a false print: attempted fraud on a printed not produced by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)
  • PV product on a genuine printed, but belonging to another Polling Station (BV)
  • Minute with erasure - crossing-out : Condition in which some essential data as the number of votes or the names of candidates can not be read with certainty
  • Unreadable results: Condition in which some essential data are illegible due to poor penmanship, labels pasted on the results, etc.
  • Counting of votes in letters not equal to that in figures
  • Suspect data: Anything that suggests that the data could be erroneous or falsified; Example: A candidate receives an unusually high number of votes considering the turnout in the Voting Center
  • A visual evidence of data corruption of votes
  • One or more candidates don't have the number of votes indicated
  • PV missing but Partial Electoral list (LEP) and tally sheet available
  • Name or signature of certain members of the polling station are missing
  • Total number of votes greater than the number of eligible voters in a given BV (450 + 5 in general)
  • PV with irregularities
  • Number of votes excessive algorithm with multiple conditions
  • PV blank
  • Other reasons
HL/ Haitilibre/ CEP

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